It is not only the place of the theatre to show the correct path, but only to offer the means by which all possible paths may be examined.

Augusto Boal


Theatre for Change Galway have developed links with a number of organizations in Europe, Brazil, India, America and Australia and now class this organisations as Friends of the group. We have attended meetings in Barcelona and Lisbon, with the intention of being part of an EU drama project in 2017. This is preparatory work for hosting of an International Theatre for Change festival in 2020.

Here are some of our Friends websites:

Cardboard Citizens

Cardboard Citizens strives to be a world leader in its field, creating great theatre that makes a real and positive difference to our society and those living on its margins. We know that theatre can be a catalyst for change, growth and learning for participants and audiences.


ACTive INquiry

An arts company based in Leith, Edinburgh committed to creating exciting new theatre and arts projects with and for communities. ACTive INquiry promotes increased participation in the arts as a catalyst for active involvement in society.



The GTO LX is the Theatre of the Oppressed Group of Lisbon, an NGO engaged in stimulating active and conscious participation of the citizens in the construction of society.
We implement community intervention projects in critical neighbourhoods where we work directly with the population in order to provoke an awareness process about their realities and encourage individual empowerment.



ESC, based in Belfast with an affiliate office in Florida, USA, enable people to understand and transform their lives, using drama and film to explore and record their stories.


ARTES Community of Practice

ARTES Community of Practice gives an opportunity to present findings and results of projects designed and implemented with true engagement, passion and will to change the world. Examples of using various art branches in education have been all tested in real life. This is why they are so valuable and useful.