Scripting for Forum’ workshop

November 14th, 15th, 16th, (10 to 5pm) 17th (2-6pm), 2017

About the Workshop

Actors will be scripting a play based on Forum Theatre. The games and exercises in the workshop will act as social metaphors. Through games, the actors will relate to their realities and to themselves.  Thus, actors will explore oppression. All participants will try to understand various dimensions of the oppressor and oppressed in the characters they portray. The ideology of the oppressor will be understood through TO techniques. After the scenes are scripted, the Forum play will be structured and rehearsed. The workshop will also undertake a theoretical journey to revisit Boal.

Who will benefit from this workshop

Anyone who works in the areas of social care, children,  youth work, older people, education, community development, development education, social justice and inclusion and human rights. Community leaders who can use Forum Theatre techniques  to explore social issues important to their community are very welcome too. TfCG supports the principle that those who benefit, commit to passing on and sharing skills learned, with groups and communities of interest who find themselves marginalised and socially excluded. 
On completion of this workshop, participants will acquire:
  • Knowledge of oppression and its structural and systemic nature.
  • Contextualization of Theatre of the Oppressed within the different cultural, social and political contexts in which it developed and where it can be appropriately used.
  • Practice and reflection on aspects of Forum Theatre.
  • Scribing skills

Activist Summer Camp

Saturday & Sunday, June 17th/18th 2017

Communities in transition and community arts – making new connections

Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation, Glencree, Co Wicklow

The aim of the Camp in 2017 is to build bridges because we know that the experience of one can be of help to the other. Are you an activist/artist or leader who is working deeply with the people, place and the environment? Do you want to shape a new initiative and exchange focused on communities in transition?

Camp Schedule:

Saturday 16, June 2017

Midday –  Arrive to warm-up, welcome and lunch

2.00pm – 4.00pm   –  Forum Theatre (Theatre for Change presentation)

4.00 – Coffee/TEA

4.30 – 6.00   –   Francois Matarasso will speak about transition, community and participatory art. He will explore new ways to create momentum for it and ask us how we think about what we do, why we’re doing it, and what will happens as a result.

6.30pm – Supper

7.30pm-10pm –  Imagining connection through a Show and Tell (5 slides / 5 minute presentations) taking place in 2 thematic groups:

1. Faced with the challenge of globalisation what could localization mean for communities in transition and community arts? [Convenor: Una Ruddock and Theresa O’Donoghue]

2. Imagining how a community under regeneration can produce a parade to wave goodbye and say hello to a new community.[Convenor: Ed Carroll]

Sunday 17, June 2017

8.00-10.00 – Breakfast

10.00 – 11.30  –  CREATIVE WORKSHOPS continue working in 2 thematic groups to work on creative charter.

11.30 – COFFEE/TEA

12.00 – 1.30pm

To take away from these workshops something that could resonate from Glencree into 2/3 other practice actions/events/processes that can be self-organised from within each strand of activity

1.30pm Lunch

2.30pm -3.30pm  – Signing the Culture Contact Charter Communities in Transition for 2017/2018

Costs are:
40 Euro waged, 20 Euro unwaged (incl. children),
This includes the accommodation for 1 night in a shared room and vegetarian food. Accommodation is only guaranteed for 30 persons.

Brilliant childcare available (please let us know in advance).

We will try to arrange car sharing from Dublin, Bray, Cork, Limerick and Galway. Please get in touch if you are driving or if you need a lift and we will try to make an arrangement.

Registration: Places are limited, please register now:
With any questions just contact Ed or Eleanor at or 087 2334931